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1:1 Coaching

Are you looking for that personal 1:1 guidance with a tailored approach, specific for your goals? 

Do you need a forum to tackle your specific hurdles? gain another perspective? bounce back ideas and create tools? systems and processes specific for your brand? 

The 1:1 sessions are for you. 

1:1 Coaching Times

120-minute Coaching Call

90-minute Coaching Call

60-minute Coaching Call

Clarity Call (20-minutes)

Service Disclaimer:

We hope that you find our services useful and informative. The Pretty Parcel is not an accredited mentor or business coach. The information provided is for general advice only. Please do your own research for the specific areas you require guidance in. We cannot be held responsible for any negative effects on a business as a result of taking our advice. 

*Please note if this is your first session you will be required to book 120 mins to ensure the best start to your journey - we have a lot to cover!

**These will be via email/WhatsApp during reasonable working time.