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Simplicity over complexity.

Mindful Movements is an initiative, by our founder Anita Thind, to help transform the lives of other small business founders by offering solutions to create a harmonious mindful lifestyle whilst running a brand. . 

Finding a balance can be difficult. From solely focusing on your brand, working on this alongside a full time job and managing normal day to day activities. Most commonly people give up at the first few hurdles.  It’s lonely going solo, requires you to gain a lot of knowledge very  quickly, multiple processes to develop and you find yourself procrastinating rather than progressing forward. 

We understand this feeling because I have been there… I hear you…
To date, myself and my team have helped over 90 women build the confidence and execute an individualised plan so they can own their creativity and achieve their goals whilst maintaining a lifestyle balance. 

We are on the journey with you to create your own legacy and make a difference by tapping into your existing potential, turning chaos into calm and mess into order. 

Our focus is to provide you with the tools to achieve the perfect balance of  inner harmony, self reliance and mindfulness to blossom. 

Let’s get started with your mindful movement journey