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Exploring gifting traditions from around the world

September 13, 2023 1 min read

Exploring gifting traditions from around the world

Gift giving is a universal expression of love.

No matter who you are or what your interpretation of a token of love is, what remains the same is the feeling of gifting or receiving a thoughtful gift - that’s why we love creating timeless extraordinary gifts!

How about we explore some gift giving traditions from around the globe? It may spark some creativity and inspiration for your next gift to a loved one!

  • In Japan, the exchange of "Oseibo" and "Ochugen" gifts during the New Year is deeply ingrained in tradition. These gifts, often food and beverages, convey gratitude and maintain social relationships


  • In China, "Hongbao," or red envelopes filled with money, are exchanged during festivals and weddings. Symbolising good luck and blessings, these envelopes are cherished by both children and adults - why not use this as meaningful inspiration and get red lining in your next chosen Pretty Parcel bridal box!


  • India celebrates occasions like Diwali with vibrant gift exchanges. Sweets, dry fruits, and decorative items are commonly given, along with "Shagun" envelopes containing money during weddings and festivals. Keeping in the Indian culture theme, how about some of our Indian inspired gifts!


  •  Brazil embraces gift giving on birthdays, anniversaries, and religious celebrations. Coffee, chocolates, flowers, and personalised items are popular choices to express affection and appreciation - what could make gift giving more personable than adding some personalisation to it.

If any of these examples sparked some ideas for the gift you give next, let us know in the comments below!

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