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Investing In Quality Suppliers For Your Wedding

April 21, 2023 3 min read

Investing In Quality Suppliers For Your Wedding

As you have probably already realised, there are so many components to planning a wedding. No matter how large or how small, there will always be tons of logistics, recommendations, opinions, contracts & so much more. One of the  greatest mistakes made by couples is cutting corners in order to save money. In this blogpost, we talk through the importance of working with high quality wedding suppliers.

In this blogpost, we sat down with Eternity UK, to discuss their views.

Here’s what Eternity UK said:

Trust your supplier

Quite truthfully, they are the experts! When it comes to working with suppliers, follow your gut intuition. Much like in any workplace, there are some individuals who you really get along with, and others that you don’t; even though they are all highly capable individuals. The same goes for picking your wedding suppliers, you want to ask questions about them and their working style, as well as the logistics and their craft.

Examples include:

    • What is the best way to access you? (Ie. email / call / WhatsApp)
    • What are your working hours?  Some suppliers don’t mind working flexibly over the weekend, whereas others prefer to work on weekdays - which will align best with your schedule?
  • What if something doesn’t go as planned? Be prepared for lots of moving parts. The right & good quality supplier for you will be on board to solutionise.

  • Less experience doesn’t mean lower quality

    Everyone has to start off somewhere. Often, couples get caught up in working with specific ‘brands’ for their wedding - which is great and 100% makes sense; until it possibly starts creeping out of budget.

    It’s best for you to prioritise 2-4 important aspects of your wedding, for which you want to work with specific suppliers and pay the premium for their experience. Often, these suppliers will know your venue & requirements like the back of their hand, and it’s truly invaluable. Look at these as your “fixed costs”.

    There may be some aspects of your wedding that you most definitely need to have, but they are more so the “variable costs” and so you would like to stick to the budget a bit more. Unfortunately, couples sometimes think that newer businesses will not offer the same level of quality; which is incorrect. Referring back to our first point, a high quality supplier will do their research and make you feel comfortable, regardless of their business age.

    To ensure the business is performing at high quality, ask them some of the following questions:

  • Do you have any public liability insurance? (For services)
  • What is your return / cancellation policy? 
  • Do you have any previous clients / testimonials we can refer to?

  • Less is more!

    Sometimes, you may be in a position where you are time poor when it comes to finding time with your partner & families to plan your wedding. In that case, try to work with and order products from suppliers who wear different hats.

    For example, your caterer may provide you with an on-the-day-coordinator, or your decorator may also be able to curate any buttonholes or a phoolon ki chadar, or one website might help you find all your bridesmaid proposal boxes, personalised hangers, sahe chithi & more! (Hint: check out The Pretty Parcel).

    By working with fewer suppliers, you save on time and also potentially benefit from package discounts.

    Here’s what The Pretty Parcel said:

    Peace of mind

    It’s quite common to feel super excited when you’re engaged - I mean you’re about to embark on a new chapter so of course you’ll get these feels. But most often couples feel deflated during their wedding planning, most of which is caused by low quality suppliers. Opting for high quality wedding experts can result in having peace of mind during your wedding planning and reassurance that everything will be taken care of on your big day. 

    You can trust that your suppliers will deliver what they promised, and you won't have to worry about any last-minute surprises or disappointments. 

    Peace of mind is invaluable. 

    The basics matter! 

    Punctuality, organisation and manners matter. When you engage with suppliers, look out for these basics. 

    Ask yourself the following questions to see if they are the right supplier for you:

    • Are you being heard? 
    • Are you being persuaded to buy something that’s beyond your budget?
    • Are you receiving emails in a timely manner?
    • What does the communication feel like for you?
    • Do you feel like a price tag? 

    Work with suppliers that you can rely on - I mean you’re likely to have saved for some time for your wedding, you want your £ to go far! 

    If you're already part way through your wedding journey, let us know how its been working with your suppliers in the comments below. 

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