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Ultimate gifts for brides and bridesmaids

May 25, 2023 3 min read

Ultimate gifts for brides and bridesmaids

Let's talk gifts - be it brides or bridesmaids, Eternity UK and The Pretty Parcel are here to help you out. 


Knowing what to gift a bride to be can be easy yet hard. Contradictory? We know. Here us out. 

Personalised items such as custom jewellery, monogrammed robes or a customised wedding planner can be thoughtful and practical presents.

But how about something  truly unique that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world? 

The Pretty Parcel wedding range covers various timeless gifts for a 2023 bride - we’re not just talking vinyl printed items, we’re talking wooden engraved products lasting you a long time. 

Chura box


The Personalised Wooden Engraved Chura Box provides a luxurious feel for the bride to be – be it a self investment or gifted. A classy feel with internal lining, both in the box and the bangle bar.


Bridal box

The personalised wooden engraved bridal box provides a luxurious feel for a bride to be. With this being the world’s first wooden engraved bridal box you’ll have your hands on something super original.  
Contains 2 lined storage compartments and a removable lined bangle bar.



Bridal Trousseau



A personalised large wooden engraved box perfect for a practical and classy bride to be. With a removable bangle bar and another compartment for all other accessories, it’s the perfect box to store wedding jewellery for the wedding day and beyond. 



Check out The Pretty Parcel wedding range

Other items we would recommend: 

  • Beauty and wellness products e.g. spa day gift certificate, a skincare set, or a gift card to her favourite makeup brand.
  • Travel-related itemse.g. a luggage set or a personalised travel journal
  • Home decor:A set of scented candles always work well. Or try a set of mindful prints from us 
  • Experiences are a great way for a bride to make memories. Try gifting a cooking class or a weekend getaway. 

Remember, the best gifts are often  personalised and thoughtful

Consider the bride-to-be's interests and hobbies when selecting a gift, and think about what will be useful and meaningful to her.


Getting married is so extremely special to every happy couple, and you naturally want to be able to celebrate with all your favourite people, and to have a special few walk you in or stand by your side on the big day. Bridesmaids are increasingly becoming an integral part of the wedding party for most South Asian weddings, and a thoughtful proposal gift can help show them how much their participation means.

Finding the perfect bridesmaid proposal gift can be a challenge, so to help make the process easier, here are some suggestions for gifts that your bridesmaids will actually want.

As well as finding something unique, personalised & thoughtful, we think you should also opt for something sustainable which can be used time & time again. In a recent poll, we found that numerous ex-bridesmaids own way too many champagne flutes or shot glasses, which they don’t really use again and they end up in the attic! 

Our biggest suggestion is to think carefully about what you would like to receive or re-use in the future, and curate a proposal gift based upon that. 

Numerous brides opt for matching presents, when truly, it may be more meaningful to get presents according to your friendship with your bridesmaid. Going one step further and personalising the item will truly make for the perfect gift.

Check out the Ultimate Bridesmaid Proposal Gifting Guide here.

A wonderful addition to your proposal box is a ‘bridesmaid cheat sheet’ - which covers all of the key bridesmaid questions: when is the hen? What should we wear? What can we do to help?

Check it out here.

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