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Four ways to preserve your special wedding items

June 20, 2023 2 min read

Four ways to preserve your special wedding items

Why are preserving your wedding items so important? 

How about we start with how much you’ve spent on them?! We all know wedding items cost a fair bit, so why would we  not want to store them well?

Wedding items like your bridal chura or wedding jewellery hold deep sentimental value representing cherished memories and moments from one of the most significant days of your life. Preserving these items allows you to revisit those memories and pass them down through generations, creating a meaningful connection to your family history.

You spend so much of your time planning the wedding, the day arrives and before you know it you’re on your honeymoon. But what happens after the “wedding feels”? 

Preserving items like your chura allows you to indulge in that nostalgia and relive the joy and emotions of that special day. 

Wedding items aren’t just for the day, they are a part of your history, part of the stories you’ll tell in many years to come. 

How can they tell a story in many years to come?

Think about your wedding photography and videography - they tell a story right? A visual documentation of the event providing a glimpse into the past. 

Now whilst they capture the moments of that day, your actual wedding items like your dress, jewellery and chura are items that tell other stories. For example:

  • Your wedding dress showcases your personality and style at the time of your day 
  • Your wedding jewellery will for sure have some wedding shopping stories to tell! 
  • Your wedding chura may tell a story of who put them on, the feelings you had and the memories will soon start flooding back. 

Eternity UK has written a great article on how to preserve your special wedding gifting items that you can read here

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