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The significance of the chura.

July 31, 2023 2 min read

The significance of the chura.

Chura (also spelt as choora - your preference 🙂) are a set of bangles that hold great significance in many cultures around the world. 

The chura plays a huge role in Punjabi culture, where it’s a traditional part of the bride's attire. Leading up to the big day, the chura is put onto the brides arms most commonly by the bride to be’s uncles (big up the mama’s!). Punjabi women often wear chura in various colours and designs, with the most traditional being red and white but we’re increasingly seeing people try out new colours.

But the chura is more than just jewellery….

It holds  sentimental and  significant memories for a bride. 

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 The significance of the bridal chura lies in several aspects:

It symbolises the transition of a woman from being unmarried to married, serving as a public declaration that the woman is now a bride and is ready to begin her married life.

→ For some it can be considered highly auspicious as the colour red in Indian culture represents love, passion, and fertility. The chura isusually a combination of red and white bangles with the red bangles representing prosperity and good luck, whilst the white bangles symbolises purity.

→ As mentioned before, the bangles are not just jewellery. It’s a special gift from the bride's maternal family. By giving a bride to be the chura, they are imparting their blessings and well-wishes for her future married life (holding back the tears whilst my very own memories come back to me…)

→ Wearing the bridal chura is a way for the bride to showcase her cultural identity and heritage. There’s nothing to be shy about - I wore mine on my whole honeymoon and came back with a dodgy tan but it was worth it ha! Not only is it about showcasing your identity it also helps in maintaining and passing on the cultural traditions to the next generation.

indian bride

→ After the wedding, the bride is expected to wear the chura for a specific period, which can vary from a few weeks to several months, depending on family traditions (I did 5 weeks). During this time, the bride is not supposed to remove the chura at all, and it is believed that wearing it brings good luck and happiness to her married life.

→ Some may partake in a removal ceremony but I just took mine off myself and popped it into my chura box

Ensuring high quality storage protects your precious pieces from damage, tarnishing, or loss, ensuring they remain cherished for generations to come. 

Safeguarding these precious mementos safeguards the memories of your special day and allows you to pass down these meaningful heirlooms to future generations! 

Storing your bridal chura is crucial to preserve its sentimental value. Your chura tells a story. 

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